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Ferro Vit Drops 30 ml

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Drops to treat iron deficiency in children

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Ferro Vit Drops 30 ml for anemia

Ferro Vit Drops are used to treat or prevent iron deficiency in children.
Iron is an important mineral that helps to form red blood cells and treat anemia.
Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron and supports the immune system.
Ferro Vit Drops also contain folic acid helps the body make healthy red blood cells.

Active ingredients:
Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin C.

• Ferro Vit Drops help to treat anemia caused by iron deficiency.
• Supports the immune system.

How to use:
Ferro Vit Drops for infants: 0.5 ml once daily.
Ferro Vit Drops for children: 1ml once daily.

Points of interest:
• Don't exceed the recommended dose.
• Ferro Vit Drops contain iron, which may be harmful to very young children if taken in excess.
• Shake well before use.
• Keep Ferro Vit out of reach of children.

30 ml

Store at room temperature.
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