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Rossmax Fingertip Oximeter Pulse

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A device that measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate for respiratory function management



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Rossmax Fingertip Oximeter Pulse

Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter helps to measure arterial oxygen saturation (% SpO2) of hemoglobin and pulse rate and it is an important indicator of your respiratory function.
It is intended for spot-checking of adults and pediatrics whose age is over 3 at home and hospitals to measure pulse strength and for oxygen therapy assessment to prevent sleep apnea, it helps in overall health management.

• Ideal for oxygen therapy assessment.
• Ideal for sleep apnea screening.
• Ideal for health management.
• Ideal for spot-check & continuous monitoring.

How to use:
Open the clip and press the Power On button.
Insert one finger into the finger opening of the pulse oximeter.
If no finger inserts, the device will auto shut off after 8 seconds.
Make sure the finger is lying flat, do not shake, and keep the body steady during measurement.
Your SpO2 and pulse rate values will appear on the screen after a few seconds.
Don’t remove your finger until the measurement is completed.

Points of interest:
• Insert or replace 2 “AAA” size batteries.
• Big LED screen display for easy reading.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature.

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