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Fito Cream 32 g

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Cream for Treatment of ulcers, sores, wounds, abrasions, first and second-degree burns

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Fito Cream 32 g for burns

Regenase (Wheat Extract)
• Fito cream forms a protective barrier against the external environment, thus creating favorable conditions for a fast and correct skin re-epithelialization.
• Fito cream is indicated for the treatment of ulcers, sores, wounds, abrasions, and first and second-degree burns.
• A processor for the deep internal cracks and wounds that occur in parts of the body for patients with bedridden (bedding).

Active ingredients:
Wheat extract, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Polyethylene glycol, Liquid paraffin

• Fito cream is used for the treatment of all types of burns at all levels.
• Treats cracks caused by colds.
• Fito cream is an effective treatment for the speed of healing after hair transplantation.
• Used for treating ulcers, sores, and wounds.

How To Use:
• Carefully read the package of Fito cream before applying the cream.
• Use Fito cream in a clean area.
• Before you perform the actual application of Fito cream, perform a small area for sensitivity check on your body.
• Apply a thin layer of Fito cream on the skin as the doctor directed.
• Do not apply around the eyes and mouth.

Points Of Interest:
• Do not use Fito cream if you are allergic to one of the active substances.
• Contains wheat derivatives.
• Avoid contact with eyes.
• Keep out of children's reach.

Made in:

32 g

Store at room temperature
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