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Fora Early Pregnancy Test 1'S

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One step HCG pregnancy test

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For-A Early Pregnancy Test 1'S 

• Can tell you 6 days sooner than your missed period.
• Fora Early Pregnancy Test provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone (hCG).
• Can be detected 6 days before the missed period. 

For-A Early Pregnancy Test Extra wide tip for easy sampling.
• Accurate, Fast result.
• Easy to use. 

How To Use:
• Follow the directions written on the pack.
• Interpretation of results:
- Negative: Only one pink line appears in the control region(C). Both lines in the control region and the test region appear, but the test line (t) present is lighter than that of the control line (C) in color intensity.
This indicates that there is no pregnancy, and you should continue daily testing.
- Positive: Two distinct pink lines appear, one is in the test region (T) and the other in control region C, the test line (T) is equal to or darker than the control line (C) in color intensity, then you will probably be pregnant.
- Invalid: If there are no pink-purple colored lines visible in both the test and control region(T and C ) or there is a pink-purple colored line in the test region (T), but no line in the control (C) region.
The test is invalid. It is recommended that the test should be repeated in this case 

Points Of Interest:
• Do not interpret the result after 10 minutes.
• Contains 1 test. 

How To Store :
room temperature

Made In:
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