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Forearm Elbow Crutcher 1 Pc

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An easy-to-use and comfortable crutch with the support that helps to move easily

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Forearm Elbow Crutcher 1 Pc 

An Elbow Crutcher is designed to help the elderly and those who suffer from joint disorders or roughness in the knees to move and perform daily activities.
Made of rust-resistant aluminum and high-quality, durable materials, it is safe and comfortable to use.
It is light in weight and does not feel heavy during use.
Elbow Crutcher is equipped with supports to ensure that it does not slip and gives you safety during use.
It has a pivoting armband and adjustable elbow support which makes you more in control of the cane.
The length of the crutch can be adjusted to suit all heights, and it is light in weight as it does not make you feel heavy during use.

• A Elbow Crutch helps to move and move easily and easily.
• Suitable for post-operative patients, the elderly, and patients with bone and joints.

How to use:
1- Adjust the crutches correctly.
2- To adjust the general height of the crutch, bend your elbow until the wrist joint is at the level of the hips with a thirty-degree angle between them.
3- Measure the distance between the largest part of the forearm and the floor and adjust the crutch accordingly, the handle of the crutch should be at the level of the wrist.
4- Insert your arm into the crutch so that the opening of the forearm collar is not pointing at the body.
5- Adjust the position of the collar so that it is one or two inches below the elbow and around the widest part of the forearm, then grip the handle firmly.
5- Lift your uninjured foot and move your body forward while keeping the crutches firmly in balance.
6- Place your foot in front of the crutches at a distance of one step and allow your body weight to be loaded onto the crutch and repeat the process.

Point of interest:
• The weight and length of the Elbow Crutcher must be appropriate.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Short crutches can cause back pain.

One piece

Store at room temperature.
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