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Diabetes Care

Free Style Lancets 50 Pcs

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Needles for insulin pens are gentle on the skin and do not cause pain

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Free Style Lancets 50 Pcs 

Freestyle Lancet for insulin pen, made of stainless steel.
Freestyle Lancet help in accurately and painlessly injecting insulin, and they are safe to use and sterile.
Lancet help speeds up insulin delivery as they have a thin wall for faster insulin flow without pain and with less effort.
Can be used with the most common insulin pens.
Quantity: 50 lancets.

• Freestyle Lancet used to inject insulin into the body without pain by using insulin pens.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions included on the Freestyle Lancet packaging.

Point of interest:
• Sterile needles for safe use.
• Be sure to change the injection site frequently.
• The Pen Needles must be changed after each use.
• Make sure your hands are clean before use.
• Keep insulin pen needles out of children's reach.

Made in:
United Kingdom

50 Pieces

Store at room temperature
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