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FreeStyle Libre Sensor

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It continuously measures the glucose concentration in your interstitial fluid, and stores 8 hours of data

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FreeStyle Libre Sensor

• Unlike traditional glucose monitoring, using the FreeStyle Libre sensor does not involve routine finger pricks.
• The FreeStyle Libre sensor is factory calibrated - so you don’t need to calibrate it again.
• It continuously measures the glucose concentration in your interstitial fluid, and stores 8 hours of data.
• Water Resistant.
• The FreeStyle Libre Sensor can be worn for up to 14 days whilst you shower, bathe, swim, exercise, or play.
• You can take as many glucose readings as you want whilst the sensor is being worn.
• Due to the sensor storing the latest 8 hours of continuous data, you only need a minimum of three scans per day to obtain a full glycemic profile - enabling you to make more informed decisions about your diabetes management.

• No More Routine Finger Pricks.
• Water-Resistant.
• 14 days sensor.
• No calibration needed.
• Continuously measures glucose day and night.
• Scans through clothing.

How It Works:
• The FreeStyle Libre sensor is applied to the back of the upper arm with a simple, disposable device called an applicator.
• When the sensor is applied, a thin, flexible, and sterile fiber is inserted just under the skin.
• To obtain a glucose reading, simply perform a quick, painless 1-second scan of the FreeStyle Libre Link app. over the sensor.
• This scan gives you more information than monitoring with blood glucose test strips, without the need for routine finger pricks.
• The FreeStyle Libre system also offers Libre View to generate concise reports to assist with the analysis of glucose data.
• Each scan of the sensor gives a current glucose reading, the last 8 hours of glucose history, and a trend arrow showing if glucose is going up, down, or changing slowly.
• The reader can scan through clothing.

Points Of Interest:
• Sensor Size: 5 mm in height and 35 mm in diameter.
• Sensor Weight: 5 grams
• Sensor Power Source: 1 silver oxide battery.
• Sensor Life: Up to 14 days.
• Sensor Memory: 8 hours (glucose reading stored every 15 minutes).
• Sensor Operating Temperature: 10°C to 45°C.
• Sensor Applicator And Sensor Pack Storage Temperature: 4°C to 25°C.
• Operating And Storage Relative Humidity: 10%-90%, non-condensing.
• Sensor Water Resistance: IP27: Can withstand immersion into one meter (3 ft) of water for up to 30 minutes.
• Operating And Storage Altitude: -381 meters(-1,250 ft) to 3048 meters(10,000 ft).

How To Store:
Stores at room temperature.

Made in:
United Kingdom
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