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Ginsavit Caps 24'S General Tonic

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Capsules support immunity and metabolism and relieve fatigue and mental stress

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Ginsavit Caps 24'S General Tonic

• Administration of Ginsavit provides essential daily needs of constituents in a position to manage vitality and health.
• Ginsavit Soft Gelatin Capsules contain ginseng extract 40 mg, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
• Ginseng improves general body functions and increases the capacity for physical and intellectual work.
• Ginseng prevents ATP decrease and increases muscle glycogen and creatine phosphate helps also to remove lactic and pyruvic acids that normally occur during physical outstanding.

Active ingredients:
Ginseng extract, Multivitamins, Minerals.

• Ginsavit is used in the treatment and prevention of general symptoms due to advancing age such as reduced physical and mental performance, lack of concentration, and wear and tear.
• Ginsavit is used to relieve fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness.
• Improves overall strength, stamina, and vitality in people with heavy physical or mental stress.
• Improves overall body resistance against infections. – For faster recovery of health following a long illness, surgery, radiotherapy, and as such.
• Ginsavit is used as an essential adjuvant therapy in cases of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, or dystrophy of skin, nails, and hair.
• Ginsavit is used to compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in weight-conscious people and those with unbalanced or inadequate nutritional intake.

How To Use:
• One capsule after breakfast Or as recommended by the physician.
• Do not exceed the daily dosage limit.

Points Of Interest:
• Ginsavit is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
• Ginsavit is recommended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, not as a substitute for food.

Made in: United Arab Emirates.

Quantity: 24 Caps.

Store at room temperature.
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