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Gyndelta Prim Caps 10'S

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Food supplement capsule for urinary tract infection

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Gyndelta Prim Caps 10'S For Urinary Tract Infection
A Gyndelta Prim capsules cure based on natural active ingredients
It has been formulated with carefully selected plants, whose efficacy has been shown by scientific data.
2 capsules of Gyndelta Prim capsules contain:
• 400 mg of concentrated cranberry extract powder.
• 300 mg of heather extract.
• 100 mg of cornflower extract.
Gyndelta Prim capsule has diuretic properties and helps support urinary elimination.

Active ingredients:
Cranberry extract powder, Heather extract, Cornflower extract, ,

• Gyndelta Prim capsules are a food supplement based on cranberry, cornflower, and heather to promote urinary comfort.
• It is a 100% natural, synergy-based formula from plants.

How To Use:
Gyndelta Prim recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day.
Preferably take Gyndelta Prim capsules at the end of the evening meal with a glass of water for at least 5 days.

Points Of Interest:
• Gyndelta Prim capsules are contraindicated in case of allergy to red fruits.
• Gyndelta Prim capsules are not recommended for pregnant women.
• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for Gyndelta Prim capsules.
• Keep Gyndelta Prim capsules out of reach of children.
• Consult your physician if you take anticoagulant treatment.

Made in:

10 Caps

Store at room temperature.

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