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Gynial Vaginal Ovules 10'S

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Vaginal ovules for the treatment of infections and vaginal fungi

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Gynial Vaginal Ovules 10'S
• Gynial Ovule has hyaluronic Acid exerting a hydrating and lubricating action against vaginal dryness and contributes to restoring a natural and comfortable vaginal environment.
• Gynial Vaginal Ovules have Lactic Acid normally present in the vagina favors an immediate pH correction and facilitates the natural recovery of the delicate vulvovaginal ecosystem.
• It enhances and accelerates the healing of atrophic or injured vaginal mucosa, regulates the vaginal acidic pH to normal values, enhances the normal flora of the vagina, and relieves irritation and redness.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, , ,

• Gynial Vaginal Ovules help maintain the natural defenses of the vagina and enhance the recovery of the normal vaginal flora.
•It's useful as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of vaginal dryness, of both phlogistic and infective affections of the vagina, in case of vaginal irritation, burning, and itching as well.

How To Use:
1. Wash the vaginal area properly before using Gynial Vaginal Ovules (preferably with both external and internal vaginal washes).
2. Wash hands carefully before opening the blister and extract one single Gynial ovule.
3. Gently insert the Gynial ovule deeply into the vagina, preferably in a supine position, avoiding accidental exit of the ovule out of the vagina.

Points Of Interest:
• Keep Gynial Vaginal Ovules out of reach of children.
• Gynial Vaginal Ovule is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to any of the constituents.
• Store Gynial Vaginal Ovules away from heat, moisture, and light.
• Gynial Vaginal Ovule is not recommended for pregnant women.

Made in:

10 Vaginal Ovules.

Store at room temperature.

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