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Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc

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A tool designed to remove bacteria and debris from the tongue's surface, improving oral hygiene and preventing bad breath

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Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc :

Halita Tongue Cleaner is a vital tool in maintaining good oral hygiene since the tongue is where the majority of bacteria builds up in the mouth.
The tongue cleaner features two edges including a wave-shaped edge that fits perfectly into the central depression of the tongue.
Halita Tongue Cleaner also has a flat edge designed to clean the sides of the tongue.
Both edges effectively remove the layer of bacteria and food debris that accumulates on the tongue's surface.
The use of this Halita Tongue Cleaner can prevent the spread of anaerobic bacteria that produce malodorous gases which contribute to bad breath.

Halita Tongue Cleaner Benefits:
• Eliminates bacteria in the mouth.
• Prevents bad breath.
• Helps to improve overall oral hygiene.
• Easy to use and portable for use when traveling.
• Promotes fresh breath and improves self-confidence.

Direction for use of the Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc :
• Grasp the Halita Tongue Cleaner from its handle, making sure that the wavy edge is pointing downwards.
• Extend your tongue and put the tongue cleaner as far back as possible.
• Pull the Halita Tongue Cleaner ahead over the middle of the tongue.
• Cleanse the Halita Tongue Cleaner by rinsing it with water.
• Utilize the flat edge of the tongue cleaner to scrub the sides of the tongue.

More information:
• Clean the tongue cleaner after each use.
• When done using the tongue cleaner, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.
• Store in a dry and hygienic place.

Made in: Spain.

Quantity: 1 Piece.

Store at room temperature.
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