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Henso Blood Lancets 2*100 Pcs With Lancing Device

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Lancet pen with painless needles to obtain blood sample to accurately measure blood sugar

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Henso Blood Lancets 2*100 Pcs With Lancing Device

Uniquely designed finger-lancing needles fit all lancing devices.
It consists of a steel needle, a plastic handle, and a plastic protective cap.
It is used to take blood samples to measure the level of sugar in the blood.
Needles are available with a lancet pen that is easy and simple to use, does not cause pain and helps you measure blood sugar at home.

Henso lancets are:
Non-toxic, latex-free, and easy to use.
Sterile needles, do not cause any pain during pricking.
The pen to facilitate the pricking process As well as allows the needle to penetrate the skin without pain.
Color: White
Size: 28 g
Quantity: 2 packs (each pack contains 100 needles).

How to use:
1- Remove the top of the lancing device.
2 - Place the lancet in the place specified for it in the pen.
3- Remove the lancet cap, and put the top of the pen back in place.
4- Select skin penetration depth the bigger the number is, the more blood will be sampled.
5- Pull the back of the pen to make it ready to puncture.
6- Put the lancing device on the finger with firm pressure and press the release button, and you will get the blood sample.

Do not use the lancet if the cap is open or damaged.
Henso lancets are only used once.
Make sure your hands are clean before use.
Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:

200 Pcs + 1 Pen

Store at room temperature
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