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Eye Care

Hidra Care Eye Drops 10 ml

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Sterile Ophthalmic Solution for moisturizing eye

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Hidra Care Eye Drops 10 ml

Eye Drops are a Sterile, Moisturising Ophthalmic Solution, with Sodium Hyaluronate that has muco-mimic, mucoadhesive, and viscoelastic properties:

Improving the tear film stability and keeping the ocular surface lubricated, hydrated, and protected.

The natural Chamomile water helps in case of irritated, red, and tired eyes thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Hidra Care drops contains hamamelis virginiana has cooling action that helps soothe eyes that are sore, irritated, or tired and reduces puffiness.

Active ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural Chamomile Water, Hamamelis virginiana, ,


Hidra Care is used in cases of dry eyes or inflammation and puffiness of the eyes.

How to use:

1 drop in the eye 2-3 times daily or when necessary.


• Wash your hands well before using Hidra care drops.

• Wipe your eyes well and clean them.

• Never let the dropper or the dropper itself touch the surface of the eye; To prevent a new bacterial infection from occurring.

Made in:



10 ml.

Store at room temperature.

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