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Digestive Health

Himalaya Gasex 100 Tabs

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Are tablets that help treat digestive system disorders such as indigestion and stomach acidity, and relive gases.



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Himalaya Gasex 100 Tabs

Gasex tablets from Himalaya are tablets with a natural formula used to relieve digestive disorders.
These tablets contain a mixture of plant extracts that relieve cramps and flatulence.
The tablets also relieve stomach acidity and relieve indigestion by improving the digestive system.
Himalaya Gasex is used to expel gases that cause cramps and bloating and contribute to relieving belching.

Active ingredients:
Sunthi (Ginger), Triphala, Aconitum palmatum.

Gasex Tablets benefits:
- Relieve indigestion.
- Improve digestive health.
-Help reduce bloating that leads to gas.
- Reduce annoying stomach acidity.
- Reduce burping.

How to use:
- Take 2 or 3 tablets after meals or when required, or as directed by your physician.

More information:
• For better results use in combination with Himalaya’s Herbolax.
• Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Made in:

100 Tabs

Store at room temperature
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