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Himalaya Herbolax 100 Caps

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Are capsules that are used to treat safely acute and chronic constipation.



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Himalaya Herbolax 100 Caps

Herbolax natural capsules are used to treat chronic and acute constipation.
The capsules soften the stomach and increase bowel movement, which effectively relieves acute and chronic constipation.
Himalaya Herbolax works as a mild, natural laxative that helps get rid of constipation without disturbing the balance of fluids and minerals in the body.
These capsules are also safe and do not cause harm to the intestines and do not cause addiction.

Active ingredients:
Chebulic Myrobalan (Haritaki), Trivruth.

Himalaya herbolax capsules uses:
- Treat chronic constipation.
- Soften the stool to make it easier to pass.
- Himalaya herbolax Stimulates the intestines and increases their motility.

How to use Himalaya capsules tablet:
- Take 2-3 capsules half an hour before food, or as directed by your physician.

More information:
• For better results use in combination with Himalaya’s Gasex.
• Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Made in:

100 Caps

Store at room temperature
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