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Hot Water Bottle With Cover Small Cw122, 123, 124

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Hot water bottle helps relieve muscle, joint and back pain

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Hot Water Bottle With Cover Small Cw122, 123, 124

An ideally designed hot water Bottle, which is made of materials that maintain heat for a long time.
It has a large soft cover to prevent burns caused by direct contact with your skin.
It is easy to use as it is easy to fill or empty and has a distinctive cap.
A multi-use Hot water bottle that is effective in relieving muscle, back, and neck pain.
In addition to its distinctive role in relieving menstrual cramps and relieving menstrual pain.

• The Hot Water Bottle With a small Cover is used to relieve abdominal, back, and neck pain.
• Helps relieve joint and muscle pain.
• The hot water bottle relieves menstrual cramps.

How to use:
• Fill the bottle with hot water and close it well before use.

Point of interest:
• Do not add boiling water or water at a temperature of 100 ° C to the hot water bottle.
• It is recommended to wash the inside of the hot bottle and change the water after each use.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• For external use only.

Quantity: One piece.

Store at room temperature.
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