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KSP Paraffin Gauze RS12 - 10 X 10cm 10 Pcs

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Paraffin Gauze helps to protect and cover wounds and burns

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KSP Paraffin Gauze RS12 - 10 X 10cm 10 Pcs

KSP Paraffin Gauze is used for partial-thickness burns, surgical wounds, and skin ulcers.

It helps to isolate the wound or burn from the external environment and provides moisture which is necessary for wound healing.

Size:10 X 10cm


• KSP Paraffin Gauze protects wounds from contamination.

• It helps to soothe wounds and burns.

• KSP Paraffin Gauze reduces wound inflammations.

How to use:

Clean the wound, Place KSP Paraffin Gauze on.

Change the gauze once or twice a day.

Points of interest:

• For single use only.

• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:


10 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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