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Dental floss

Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m

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A dental floss that is used for effective and thorough interdental cleaning to promote optimal oral hygiene

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Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m

Lacalut Dental Floss is a high- quality oral care dental floss that is designed to promote optimal care for dental hygiene.
The dental floss is made of durable and waxed nylon material to effectively remove plaque and food debris from between the teeth in order to ensure a thorough clean.
Lacalut Dental Floss is enhanced with an invigorating extra- strong mint flavor to leave the mouth feeling refreshed and revitalized after each use.
The floss comes in a compact dispenser, making it convenient and easy to carry for on- the- go and travel oral care.

Lacalut Dental Floss Benefits:
• Effectively cleans between teeth to remove food particles and plaque.
• Prevents tooth decay and gum diseases.
• Refreshes the mouth with its extra- strong mint flavor.
• Easy to use and has convenient and hygienic storage in its container.
• Helps reach areas where a toothbrush may not reach.

Direction for use of the Lacalut Dental Floss:
• Take approximately 40 cm of the Lacalut Dental Floss and cut it from the roll.
• Wrap the floss around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving a length of 3- 5 cm between the thumb and middle finger for a firm grip.
• Gently glide the Lacalut Dental Floss back and forth between the teeth using a gentle sawing motion to remove food particles and plaque.

More information:
• Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent gum irritation or damage.
• Repeat the process for each interdental space to ensure thorough cleaning between all teeth.
• Dispose of the used dental floss properly after each use.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in:

50 m

Store at room temperature
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