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Dental floss

Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m

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Dental floss for oral hygiene care, as it effectively reaches the small spaces between the teeth

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Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m 

Lacalut dental floss ensures maximum hygiene of the gums and teeth.
Dental floss helps reach places that are hard to reach with a regular toothbrush.
It cleans the small and narrow spaces between the teeth and the gum line to ensure that all accumulated bacteria are removed.
Lacalut dental floss is effective in removing the layer of plaque that is responsible for most gum disorders and tooth decay.
The dental floss is made of waxed, tear-resistant nylon that effectively cleanses between the teeth.

Size: 50m

• Helps effectively clean between teeth, gums, and small spaces.
• Dental floss removes plaque, food particles, and bacteria.
• Lacalut dental floss ensures maximum hygiene and protection.

How to use:
• Use about 40 cm of dental floss.
• Gently move backward and forwards between the teeth.

Point of interest:
• Lacalut dental floss is easy to use.
• Dental floss can be used to care for implanted teeth.
• Lacalut dental floss passes easily and effectively between teeth.
• When using dental floss, use it carefully and gently to avoid any damage to the gums.

Made in:

50 m

Store at room temperature
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