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Laica Ear Thermometer TH2003

21.000 KD

An Infrared ear thermometer to measure babies temperature

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Laica Ear Thermometer TH2003

Laica Ear Thermometer TH2003 is used to detect the body temperature of babies using infrared technology.
It can produce a precise and accurate reading within one second.
It can be used to take the babies' temperature while they sleep.
Laica Ear Thermometer TH2003 remotely detects the body temperature by measuring the eardrum temperature.
Anything blocking the path may interfere with the amount of radiation received by the sensor, thus affecting the reading.

• Laica Ear Thermometer TH2003 has an LCD monitor display that’s easy for reading.
• Stores memory of up to 10 readings.
• Packaging contains 10 single-use probe covers for multiple measurements.

How to use:
• Make sure the ear canal is cleaned from any wax or dirt before taking the reading.
• The sensor is also to be cleaned before taking the reading.
• Position the probe into the ear canal and directly aim at the eardrum.

More information:
• 2-year Warranty
• A Sound signal to indicate that the measurement has been completed.
• A case enclosed in the packaging for device storage.
• Power capacity of 2 AA Batteries.

Made in:

Store at room temperature
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