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Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

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Electric breast pump allows you to express your breast milk easily and comfortably



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Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Electric breast pump is an easy-to-use breast pump to help the breastfeeding mother comfortably express her milk.

It has a small, lightweight design, ideal for use when away from home.

Lansinoh Electric breast pump provides an adjustable suction and phase setting that mimic the way your baby naturally feeds and maximizes milk production.

The Lansinoh compact single electric breast pump offers 2 phases – the Let-Down Phase and the Expression Phase.

Let-Down Phase is a faster pumping style that mimics the short, rapid sucking your baby uses to initiate milk flow.

Expression Phase mimics the slower, deeper sucking of feeding with 5 adjustable suction levels that can be tailored for your comfort.

It has a convenient LED indicator that shows the strength of suction and clear controls on the top of the unit to increase and decrease suction levels.

The Lansinoh breast pump comes with a standard size (25mm) Comfort Fit silicone breast cushion, which is soft and supple around the edges to mold around the breast.


• Lansinoh Electric breast pump provide easy and comfortable breastfeeding.

• Maintain or increase woman's milk supply.

• Adjustable suction.

• Mimics the baby sucking.

• Automatic power off, if the pump is left unattended for more than 60 minutes.

How to use:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your breasts are clean.

2. Sit in a comfortable seat in an upright position.

3. Push the assembled breast pump into your breast. Adjust the breast tip in the middle so it is fully exposed.

4. Turn on the device to start the vacuum process.

5. Choose the mode you are comfortable with.

6. After you finish switch off the device.

If you are unable to milk, do not pump it for more than 5 minutes.

Try to relax and do the milking another time during the day.

Read the user’s manual for more information.

When turning on the breast pump, it will start in Let-Down Phase, level 3, and will automatically switch to the Expression Phase after 2 minutes.

You can switch to the Expression Phase at any point if your milk starts flowing before the 2-minute transition.

Points of interest:

• Remove, clean, and sterilize all parts before using the product for the first time and after every use.

• Automatic shutdown after 60-minute.

• Compatible with a micro USB adapter or mains AC adapter.

• package contents:

Electronic breast pump.

Baby bottle.

Breast cushion.


User manual.

Made in:

Device kit.

Store at room temperature.

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