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Leukosilk 5cm x 5m

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Adhesive medical plaster made of silk used to fix bandages for sensitive skin

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Leukosilk 5cm x 5m 

Leukosilk is a medical plaster made of silk, characterized by high quality in the field of wound care and dressing.
Strong white adhesive tape is used for sensitive skin as it does not cause any allergic reactions to the skin.
It consists of a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive and an ethylene fabric that folds to the contours of the body.
Medical adhesive tape is porous, which allows the skin to breathe, and is soft and comfortable.
Used to fix wound dressings, medical devices, and various tubes used in medicine. It is also characterized by its strong stability and adhesion.

•The medical adhesive plaster fixes the bandages for a long time.
•It can be easily written on.
• Does not cause moisture retention.

Direction for use:
Measure the desired amount of tape needed and cut it off with scissors or hand.
Apply gently on the affected area.

More information:
• Specifications: 5cm x 5m
• Made of soft silk against the skin.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature
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