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Lierac Diopti Ride Cream 0160

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Lierac Dioptiride cream filling and reduce apperance of wrinkles in eye counter area.



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Lierac Dioptiride Wrinkle Correction Filling - 15 ml Cream

Lierac Dioptiride cream restores flexibility of the skin under the eyes by increasing the level of synthesis of connective tissue fibers (collagen and elastin).
Repeated movements of the eyelids and the adverse environmental factors make the contour of the eye exposed to the earlier appearance of wrinkles.
In addition, the problem of wrinkles under the eyes may be associated with local drying of the skin. This eye cream reduces the visibility of wrinkles, improves elasticity, and moisturizes and protects the skin under the eyes from the damaging effects of external factors.
The creamy texture reduces crow's feet and makes the skin look younger. It with innovative anti-aging peptides that protect against the harmful effects of blue light - protects from oxidative stress and premature aging.
This cream suitable for all skin types including sensitive and treat skin wrinkles, fine line and crow's feet’s.

• Hyaluronic acid 2 acts on wrinkles and fine lines caused by dehydration, re-moisturizing and repluming the skin;
• Botox-like Hexapeptide Botulic -Like smoothed out dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression wrinkles, inhibiting the action of neurotransmitters involved in muscle contraction;
•A blend of lady's mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris), ivy, and horsetail improves the appearance of deep wrinkles, repairing the cutaneous tissue;
• Anti-blue light peptides protect against peri-ocular cell damage.

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in eye contour area.
• Protects the delicate eye contour area from the oxidative effects of blue light.

Active ingretient:
hyaluronic acid , Hexapeptide Botulic ( botox) , Alchemilla Vulgaris 

Beauty tips:
•Used for all skin types includeed sensitive.
• Used at least one month for best result.



room temperature

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