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Lierac Diopticerne Fluid New 0158

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Lierac Diopticerne Fluid is a cream which brightens dark circles under the eyes and removes signs of fatigue.



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Lierac Diopticerne Fluid -15 ml Cream

Lierac Diopticerne Dark Circle Correction Brightening Fluid solves the problem of shadows under the eyes, which are signs of fatigue or consequence of genetic predisposition.
They are directly caused by the accumulation of pigments (brown shadows) or a shallow vascularization (blue shadows).
This cream provides a more radiant appearance. This formula combines ingredients with anti-pigmentation properties with components that seal blood vessels and thanks to this combination effectively restores the healthy color of the skin under the eyes.
Now with innovative anti-aging peptides that protect against the harmful effects of blue light - protects from oxidative stress and premature aging.

It contains:

• Arnica extract reduces the appearance of blue-tinted dark circles.
• Vitamin C brightens the skin to reduce brown-tinted dark circles.
• Anti-blue light peptides protect against peri-ocular cell damage.
• pearlescent formula immediately minimizes the appearance of dark circles
• protects the delicate eye contour area from the oxidative effects of blue light

Active ingretient:
Arnica extract , Vitamin C 

Beauty Tips:
•Used for all types of the skin included sensitive skin.
•For best results should use at least one months.



room temperature

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