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Lierac Premium Silky Cream Anti-Aging 50 ml 1567

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Lierac Premium The Silky Cream Night & Day is a silky anti-aging cream with a delicate texture, which gives the skin a silky finish.

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Lierac Premium Silky Anti-Aging -50 ml Cream

Lierac Premium the Silky Cream Night & Day fights and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, loss of firmness, slackening, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. Corrects all signs of aging, moisturizes and mattifies the skin.
Cream inspired by regenerative medicine contains a patented Premium Cellular Complex, which reduces all signs of aging. Additionally, this formula contains a moisturizing and mattifying concentrate which provides comfort and an excellent, silky finish to the skin. The soft, silky texture that melts into the skin, gives the effect of a second skin.
Lierac Premium Silky Anti-Aging Cream leaves the skin feeling velvety and matte. Sophisticated, sensual, and subtly perfumed.
Lierac Premium Silky Anti-Aging cream is ideal for normal to combination skin.

• Corrects all signs of skin aging
• Refines the texture and appearance of the skin
• Hydrates and mattifies the complexion

Active ingretient:
Cellular Complex , Hyaluronic acid , glycerine , bamboo.

Beauty tips:
It mainly uses for skin issues
• normal to combination
• wrinkles, fine lines, loss of density, loss of firmness, skin slackening, hyperpigmentation spots, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone.

Antiwrinkles, Moisturizing


room temperature

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