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Lierac Sebologie Regulating Gel 40 ml L0065

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Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Regulating Gel is the ideal product for people with oily skin prone to imperfections.



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Lierac Sebologie Regulating Gel 40 ml

Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Regulating Gel moisturizes and reduces excessive shine on the complexion while also providing a spectacular smoothing effect. The gel quickly eliminates severe imperfections and smoothes the skin. In addition, it has mattifying properties, as well as moisturizing and protecting. It reduces sebum production, visibly reduces the appearance of pore size and number of blackheads, thereby improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Regulating Gel contains in its formulation:
• Zinc gluconate acts on shiny skin and dilated pores with its sebum-regulating and astringent properties.
• Salicylic acid, known for its keratolytic action, regulates cell renewal and fades spots and residual marks.
• Retinol-like bakuchiol controls the appearance of shine on the skin, through inhibiting the secretion of sebum.
• A prebiotic regulates the skin's ecoflora and strengthens defenses at the source.

Points of interest:
• Apply for combination to oily skin, including sensitive.
• For everyday use in morning and night.

• Mattifies and hydrates the skin.
• Contracts the pores.
• Regulates the production of sebum.
• Refines the skin texture.

Active ingretient:
Zinc gluconate , Salicylic acid , Retinol , Prebiotic 

Beauty tips:
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes.

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