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Lierac Sunissime Eyes Stick Spf5 0615

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Lierac Sunissime Eye Contour Protector SPF50 is a 100% mineral sunscreen for the delicate eye contour area.



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Lierac Sunissime Eye Contour Protector SPF50

is an innovative sunscreen especially designed for the delicate eye contour area. Because the skin around the eyes is finer than on the rest of the face, it demands a particular type of sun care, which is provided in this protective balm along with other anti-aging benefits. Formulated with 100% mineral filters, this sunscreen respects the sensitivity of the eye contour area and doesn't irritate the eyes.
Lierac Sunissime Eye Contour Protector SPF50 contains in its formulation:
• Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide: reflect the sun's rays like a mirror, in order to protect exposed skin.
• Fractionated melanin (Mel-HEV) offers protection against high energy visible (HEV/UVA) and ultraviolet (specifically UVA) radiation.
• Flavonoids and pro-taurine help prevent sun damage to the skin.
• Hyaluronic acid imrpoves the skin's ability to retain moisture, thus leaving the skin plumper and better hydrated.
• Omegas 3 and 9 help regulate skin inflammation and calm external signs of stress, such as redness and sensitivity.

Points of interest:
• Applied for all skin types, including sensitive.
• Applied before sun exposure, as often as necessary.

• Protects the delicate eye area against solar radiation.
• Provides anti-aging benefits. Minimizes irregular pigmentation.
• Balm-like texture melts into the skin without leaving white residue.

Active ingretient:
Zinc oxide , Titanium dioxide , Fractionated melanin , Flavonoids and pro-taurine , Hyaluronic acid

Beauty tips:
• For external use only.

Sunblock, Antiwrinkles


room temperature

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