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Lierac Supra Radiance Cream 50 Ml 0460

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Lierac Supra Radiance Anti-Ox Renewing Cream is a cream for women who want to protect their skin against aging and boost radiance.



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Lierac Supra Radiance is the answer to women who are 40+ and have an urban lifestyle. The environment (UV radiation, pollution, tobacco smoke, lack of sleep, stress) has been identified as one of the main perpetrators in what concerns premature aging signs, so the latest advances in antiaging technologies have been focusing in detoxifying the body and preventing free radicals. The Supra Radiance range is inspired by a key protein in fighting premature aging, the Nfr2. Lierac Supra Radiance Anti-Ox Renewing Cream contains in its formulation

• White Horehound has an Nrf2-like action which detoxifies the skin, has antioxidant properties and reactivates cellular metabolism.
• Hyalu-3 concentrate has an anti-aging powerful action, as it boosts the natural hyaluronic acid in three different layers of the skin.
• Japanese Pagoda Tree Extract has an antioxidant action to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin.
• Marula oil nourishes the skin, making the skin comfortable.

Points of interest:
• Applied for normal to dry skin .
• Applied in morning.
• Boosts radiance.
• Instant smoothing effect against wrinkles and fine lines..
Active ingretient:
White Horehound , Hyalu-3 , Japanese Pagoda Tree Extract , Marula oil ,
Beauty tips:
• For external use only.
• Avoid eye contact.
room temperature
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