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Lipoless + Digital Scale BF 8031 Offer Package

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Natural weight loss formula that help manage appetite, promotes energy and increase fat metabolism + Bluetooth Scale, Digital Smart Weight Scale.

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American creations Lipoless Advance 60 Capsules

Lipoless Advance from American creations is a natural weight loss formula, with 14 potent and 100% safe natural ingredients, that help manage appetite, promote energy, increase fat metabolism and have a detoxification effect.
It contains raspberry ketone that helps increase metabolism and increase the rate at which the body burns fat. Garcinia cambogia extract may improve cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides levels. And it also contains caffeine that helps suppress appetite to reduce feelings of hunger, it appears to increase energy use which increases calorie burning.

Digital Scale BF 

• Once you step on our weight scale, you’ll receive a full analysis of your health and fitness which is important for managing diet plans, structuring workouts, gaining or losing weight safely.
• Weight scale can easily change weight units in LB or KG.
• Auto-on/off, Weighing up 180 Kg, overload indication: Overload more than 2.5KGS, total 182.5KGS display "Err".
• High precision sensors, smart Bluetooth weight scale auto-calibrate to each person that allows you to manage multiple people in your home, office, or gym.
• This scale is made of explosion-proof tempered glass, integrated design anti-slip, and rollover, the edge is round, it will not hurt when you accidentally hit it, It is a very safe design.
• Individually configurable user profiles allow you to save weight, height, and age data for accurate measuring of different people. This data is stored indefinitely and does not need to be configured again.
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