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Loraday 10Mg 30 Tablets

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Loraday is an antihistamine used to treat cold and flu symptoms, and symptoms of allergy. Include Rash, Itching, Watery Eyes,and Sneezing.

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Loraday 10 Mg - 30 Tablets

Loraday is a selective histamine receptor blocker that specifically blocks the H1 Receptors thus leading to the relief of histamine allergic reactions.

loraday tablet 10 mg uses:

• Nasal allergy and hay fever.
• Eye and skin allergies.
• Chronic urticaria.
• Itching.
• Insect bites and stings.

Points of interest:

• loraday 10 mg may make you feel sleepy, do not drive or operate machinery until you know how it affects you.

How to use loraday tablet 10 mg:

• Adults: 10 mg daily at night before sleep.
Or as per as direction of doctor.

All Active Ingredients:

Side effects:

• Drowsiness.
• fatigue.
• headache.
• nausea.
• dry mouth.


• Although drowsiness is rare, patients should be advised that loratadine may affect the performance of skilled tasks.


• Erythromycin: plasma concentration of loratadine is possibly increased by erythromycin.
• Antidepressants: the antimuscarinic and sedative effects of loratadine are increased when given with MAOIs, and tricyclics and possibly increased when given with tricyclic-related antidepressants.


30 Tablets

How To Store:

room temperature

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