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Mabis Digital Thermometer

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A device to measure body temperature quickly and accurately

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Mabis Digital Thermometer

Mabis Digital Thermometer is an easy-to-use body temperature measurement device that gives accurate and fast results within 30 seconds. It has a perfect waterproof design and is equipped with a large, clear, and easy-to-read display. Equipped with a storage memory that saves the reading to follow the body temperature. In addition, it has rubberized side handles to give you more ease of use. The thermometer can be used in the mouth and armpits and is suitable for adults, children, and infants.


• A Digital Thermometer is used to accurately and quickly measure body temperature.

How to use:

• Press the on/off button on the digital thermometer.
• Put the device in the mouth, rectum, or armpit.
• Once the temperature measurement is completed, you will hear a beep and the temperature will appear on the LCD screen.

Point of interest:

• The temperature can be converted between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
• The thermometer automatically shuts off when not in use.
• Keep the digital thermometer out of the reach of children.

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Store at room temperature
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