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Mabis Hearing Aid HAP20

28.600 KD

A medical Hearing Aid that helps to communicate and hear sounds clearly

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Mabis Hearing Aid HAP20 

Mabis Hearing Aid is a small electronic device that helps a person with hearing loss and hearing disorders to listen and communicate, which helps to carry out daily activities.
Hearing aids receive sound through a microphone that converts medical waves into electrical signals and sends them to the loudspeaker to increase the sound's power and then send them to the ear.
The headphones from Mabis have an ergonomic design that is easy to use and is equipped with a special on/off switch that allows you to control the volume.
The headphones from MAPs are powered by batteries.

Hearing Aid Features:
Sound frequency: 300-400 Hz.
Batteries Size: LR 44HZ, A 675.

A hearing aid is used to help a person with a hearing disorder communicate and hear the voice better and more clearly.

How to use:
• Place the body of the Hearing Aid above the ear so that it is located in the upper part of the ear flap.
• Insert the end of the Hearing Aid into the auditory tunnel and fix it with forces (the ear can be pulled up to help fix it)
• Use the play button.
• Control the volume by pressing the button.

• Avoid exposing the Hearing Aid to high heat.
• You must make sure that the Hearing Aid is worn correctly and that there are no spaces that cause a beeping sound.
• Avoid exposing the Hearing Aid to moisture or water.
• It is recommended to clean the hearing aid from dust and dirt.
• Earwax may damage it.
• Clean the Hearing Aid as instructed.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature
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