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Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat 10 ml

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A unique product that prevents and hides the yellow pigmentation and stains, as well as provides extended life for nail polish



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Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat 10ml

Mavala provides you with a special product for nail care, It's a unique product that enhances the adhesion of your nail polish and acts as a base coat for nail polish, as well as helps you to get bright and clear nails.
Mavala hides the pigmentations and dark spots, Which makes your nail dull and the skin around the nails yellow. The best choice for every woman who seeks to maintain her nail polish for a long time and keep her nails without any spots or pigmentation.

Active ingredients:
Potassium sorbate , vitamin B5 , group of amino acids , ,

Prevents nails from yellowing.
Extended life for nail polish.

How to use:
Apply over the whole surface of a clean nail plate before nail polish.

Point of interest:
Double action protection and base coat.
Safe and easy to penetrate the skin.
Easy to apply.

Made in:
United Kingdom

10 ml

Store at room temperature
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