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Mavala Goodbye Cuticles Kit (Cuticle Oil&Cuticle Remover&Mavaladry) Offer

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Mavala Nail Care Kit (Dead Cuticle Oil + Cuticle Remover + Nail Polish Dryer)



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Mavala Goodbye Cuticles Kit (cuticle oil+ cuticle remover + Mavala dry) OFFER
Goodbye Cuticles Kit includes:
Cuticle Remover - 10ml
• Removes excess tissue to give your nails an even, attractive outline
• Softens and helps remove dead skin, for a perfect nail contour.
Cuticle Oil - 10ml
• Softens the skin of the nail contour and allows to push the cuticle easily to get an even and perfect nail contour
• Leaves nails clean and beautiful.
Oil Seal Dryer - 10ml
• Accelerates the drying time of manicure
• Softens and regenerates your skin as it is enriched with cotton oil
• Forms a slightly gliding and non-sticky film, which instantly locks in color and protects nail polish from fingerprints
• Ideal for dry skin and cuticles.

• Cuticle Remover is a thixotropic formula that softens, in one single application, cuticles to roll them gently back, and small dead skin of nail contour to remove it. Cuticle Remover allows forming a neat and uniform nail contour.
• Cuticle Oil is used to soften the skin of the nail contour and allows to push the cuticle easily to get an even and perfect nail contour.
• Oil Seal Dryer has the property of accelerating the drying time of your manicure. Ideal for dry skin and cuticles, it is enriched with cotton oil that softens and regenerates skin, and antioxidant vitamin E.

How To Use:
• Cuticle Remover: Apply the cuticle remover directly on the cuticle with the brush.
• Cuticle Oil: Apply on the nail contour and massage to let it penetrate.

Points Of Interest:
• Cuticle Remover: Contains alkali.
• Avoid contact with eyes.
• Can cause blindness.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not apply to inflamed or irritated cuticles or damaged skin.
• Follow instructions carefully.

room temperature.

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