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Mavala Home SPA Foot Care Kit (Foot) Offer

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Set for Smoothing, Moisturizing foot



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Mavala Home Spa Foot Care Kit (foot) OFFER
Smoothing Scrub Cream for Feet - 75ml
• Eliminates callouses and smoothes. Microparticles of seaweed gently eliminate callouses and rough skin, leaving the skin soft and supple.
Conditioning Moisturizer for Feet - 75ml
• Allantoin and collagen contained in this formula counteract dry skin, prevent chapping and restore elasticity. When used daily, the skin will feel supple and smooth.

• Mavala home spa foot care kit.
• Smoothing scrub cream for feet leaves the skin of your feet soft and supple.
• Conditioning moisturizer for feet restores elasticity and smoothness to the epidermis, making it more resistant.

How To Use:
• Apply scrub with a circular massage over the entire foot, paying careful attention to the areas where callouses generally appear (Heels, ball of foot). Rinse with warm water.
• Apply the foot cream daily to the entire foot, between toes, and on the sole after washing and drying feet.

All activing:
seaweed, Allantoin, collagen.

room temperature.

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