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Mavala Nail Kit 3 Items (Scientifique+ & Mavala002 & Mavadry) Offer

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Mavala Nail Care Kit (Nail Dryer + Nail Protector + Nail Hardener)



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Mavala Nail It kit 3 items (MS+ & 002 & mavadry) OFFER
The set contains:
Mavadry Nail Polish Dryer - 5 ml
• Dry nail polish in seconds.
• Increase shine.
• Manicure.
• Saves time.
Mavala nail polish base 002 - 5 ml
• Protects nails from rust and Prolongs the life of nail polish.
Scientific Nail Hardener - 5 ml
• Mavala Scientific Nail Hardener strengthens the nail head. It is suitable for the most vulnerable part, which breaks easily and prevents it from peeling.
• The nail hardener is placed on the top of the nail.

• Mavadry helps to dry nail polish in seconds and prevents it from chipping. It also enhances nail polish shine.
• MAVALA 002 formula isolates the nail plate, to prevent pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with the nail to protect it against yellowing.

How To Use:
• Mavadry: After the final coat of nail polish, wait for 1 minute and apply Mavadry over the entire nail surface. In one minute, nail polish will be touch-dry and will be glossy. Can also be applied a couple of days later to freshen your manicure.
• Mavala 002: Can be directly applied over the nail polish as a fixator and dryer.
• Scientific: Apply over the entire clean nail surface. You must then apply nail polish or a topcoat, as this product, even dry, will slightly have a "tacky" feeling.

Points Of Interest:
• Protect cuticles and skin around nails with grease or oil before application. Never apply under nail tips, on cuticles, on the skin, this is to avoid skin hardening. Otherwise, wipe it off with damp cotton wool.
• Mavala Scientific Nail Hardener: Contains formaldehyde.

room temperature.

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