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Mavala Secret Of Healthy Nails Kit 3 Items(Mavaderma Kit&Cuticle Oil&Mavadry) Offer

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Mavala Healthy Nails Kit (Nail Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Cuticle Remover Oil + Quick-drying Polish)



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Mavala Secret of Healthy Nails kit 3 items(Mavaderma kit & cuticle oil mavadry) OFFER
Set includes:
Mavaderma - 10ml:
• Mavaderma is a balanced blending of wheat germ, olive, and sweet almond oils to massage onto the nail root area for more beautiful and longer nails. The emollient action of the oils keeps the skin supple and soft.
Cuticle Oil - 5ml: (Free):
• Cuticle Oil maintains cuticles’ suppleness. Softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be detached from the nail plate and to be rolled gently back. Provides a well-groomed contour to the nails. Do not spoil the manicure.
Mavadry - 5ml: (Free):
• Essential product for today's busy woman, MAVADRY dries nail polish in seconds (touch-dry): important manicure time-saver. It will enhance color and give a protecting sheen that prevents nail polish from chipping.

• Mavaderma Nutritive massage oil for nails with wheat germ, olive, and sweet almond oils. It keeps skin supple and soft.
• Cuticle Oil is used to soften the skin of the nail contour and allows to push the cuticle easily to get an even and perfect nail contour.
• Mavadry helps to dry nail polish in seconds and prevents it from chipping. It also enhances nail polish shine.

How To Use:
• Mavaderma: Apply daily (best at night) MAVADERMA onto the nail root area covered by the skin and massage with a circular motion using your thumb to accelerate penetration. Leave it to act overnight.
• Cuticle Oil: Brush on around the nail, including the fingertips if necessary (dry, chapped skin). Massage cuticles with a firm rotating motion and allow them to penetrate. Best when used daily, at bedtime, to allow the product to act during the night. In addition, once a week or when doing your manicure.
• Mavadry: After the final coat of nail polish, wait for 1 minute and apply Mavadry over the entire nail surface. In one minute, nail polish will be touch-dry and will be glossy.

Points Of Interest:
• Never apply MAVADERMA before nail polish, as it leaves an oily film on nails, thus weakening adherence of base coat and nail color.
• Never apply nail polish without having removed all traces of oil from your nails using nail polish remover. So, remove the oily film of CUTICLE OIL, to allow base coat and nail polish to adhere.

room temperature.

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