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Mixtard 30 100IU/10mL injection

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Mixtard is used to control blood sugar in patients with types 1 & 2 diabetes mellitus along with diet and exercise.

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Mixtard 30 100IU/ 10 mL injection


Mixtard contain insulin, which is a Peptide hormone that is excreted by the pancreas where its main action is aiding the absorption of glucose required for the energy by the cell and muscles.


• Diabetes mellitus.

Points of interest:

• Be aware of the signs of hypoglycemia (sweating, confusion, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision, shakiness, anxiety, headache, dizziness, weakness).

• Rotate injection sites to prevent damage to the tissue under the skin.

• Avoid re-use of the same injection.

• If you experience hypoglycemia, consume glucose or simple carbohydrate (e.g. candies, soft drinks, sugar, honey), once your blood glucose returns to normal, eat a snack or a meal.

• Insulin is usually injected under the skin; pinch the skin to reduce the chance of injecting a blood vessel.

How to use:

According to the patient's condition, consult a specialist

Active Ingredients:


Side effects:

• Hypoglycemia, weight gain, allergic reactions.

• local reactions including erythema, itching, lipodystrophy, lipoatrophy.


• Adjustment of dose may be necessary if patients undertake increased physical activity or change their usual meal plan.


• MAOI: the concomitant use increases the hypoglycemic effect of insulin

• Fibrates: improve glucose tolerance.

• Beta blockers: signs of hypoglycemia can be masked when beta blockers given with insulin.

• ACEI: the effect of insulin can be enhanced by ACEI.


10 ml injection.

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