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Mucolyte 8mg 20 Tablets

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Mucolyte used for productive cough as expectorant to help clear out the throat and help reduce the cold and flu symptoms.

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Mucolyte 8 mg - 20 Tablets

Bromhexine HCl

Mucolyte is used for cough as a mucolytic agent, which reduces the sputum in the productive cough by altering the structure of the mucus in order to decrease the viscosity and thus will lead to the ease of mucus removal by the cilia or expectoration.


• Productive cough.

Points of interest:

• Can't be given for children less than 2 years.

How to use:

• Adults: Take one tablet three times daily

As per as direction of doctor.

Active Ingredients:

Bromhexine HCl.

Side effects:

• Nausea.

• Vomiting.

• Diarrhea.


• The use of cough suppressant at the same time with the expectorant.

• patient having gastric ulcer, liver or kidney problems.


• Antibiotics: Bromhexine may increase the absorption of antibiotics.


20 Tablets.

How to store:
Keep at room temperature.

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