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Breath Freshener

Nada Breath Freshener Lemon & Honey Flavour 30 Caps

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Lemon-honey flavored capsules that are used to keep the mouth fresh all-day

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Nada Breath Freshener Peppermint Flavour 30 Caps

- Nada capsules are breath freshener capsules that keep your breath fresh all day long and prevent bad and unpleasant breath.
- They are designed with four layers that begin to dissolve as soon as they are inserted into the mouth to change the bad breath.
- You can take these capsules after eating or smoking to prevent bad breath and keep your breath fresh.
- Nada capsules are flavored with the delicious lemon and honey flavor and do not contain sugars.

Active ingredients:
Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Aspartame.

The benefits of Nada capsules:
- Maintain a fresh breath throughout the day.
- Eliminate and prevent bad breath after eating or smoking.
- Available in different delicious flavors.
- Sugar-Free

Directions for use of Nada capsules:
- Use 1-2 capsules as needed.
- Dissolve the outer layer of the capsule in the mouth first.
- Dissolve the inner layer in the mouth as well, or swallow it.

More information:
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep out of direct sunlight.

Made in: Japan.

Quantity: 30 cap.

Store at room temperature.
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