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Breath Freshener

Nada Breath Freshener Peppermint Flavour 30 Caps

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Peppermint flavored capsules that are used to keep the mouth fresh all-day

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Nada Breath Freshener Peppermint Flavour 30 Caps

Nada capsules are breath freshener capsules that keep your breath fresh all day long and prevent bad and unpleasant breath.
They are designed with four layers that begin to dissolve as soon as they are inserted into the mouth to change the bad breath.
You can take these capsules after eating or smoking to prevent bad breath and keep your breath fresh.
Nada capsules are flavored with Peppermint flavor and do not contain sugars.

Active ingredients:
Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Aspartame.

The benefits of Nada capsules:
- Maintain a fresh breath.
- Mouth freshener prevents bad breath.
- Perfume the mouth and refresh it throughout the day.

Directions for use of Nada capsules:
- Use 1-2 capsules as needed.
- Dissolve the outer layer of the capsule in the mouth first.
- Dissolve the inner layer in the mouth as well, or swallow it.

More information:
- Sugar free.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep out of direct sunlight.

Made in: Japan.

Quantity: 30 cap.

Store at room temperature.
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