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Nebilet 5 mg Caps 28'S

5.230 KD

Used to treat hypertension and mild and moderate chronic heart failure

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Nebilet 5mg Caps 28'S

Nebivolol is a highly selective beta-1 adrenergic receptor antagonist2 with weak beta-2 adrenergic receptor antagonist activity.
Blocking beta-1 adrenergic receptors by d-nebivolol leads to decreased resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, myocardial contractility, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure.

Indications of Nebilet:
• Hypertension.
• Heart failure.

Active Ingredient of Nebilet:

Side effects of Nebilet:
• Headache.
• Tiredness.
• Weakness.
• Dizziness.

Cautions of Nebilet:
• Used with caution in patients with diabetes
• Used with caution in patients with low heart rates.
• Used with caution in patients with asthma.
• Contraindicated in patients with kidney failure.

Interactions of Nebilet:
Amlodipine: increases the effect of nebivolol.
Alprazolam: increases the effect of nebivolol.

How To Use Nebilet:
As per as direction of doctor.

Dosage Form:

28 Caps

Stores at room temperature.

Made in:
United Kingdom.

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