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Nee Perfection Base Nude Look 30 ml

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Primer for unifying skin tone and preparing the skin before applying the makeup



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Nee Perfection Base Nude Look 30 ml

Nee Perfection Base Nude Look is a correcting primer with a light color that covers skin imperfections and pores.
It increases skin radiant and gives you flawless makeup.
Nee Perfection Base Nude Look improves the appearance of dull skin, in addition, it is suitable for all skin types.

How to use:
Apply Nee Perfection Base Corrector evenly after the normal skincare routine, Then apply the foundation.

Points of interest:
- Always wash your face with your face cleanser and removes the makeup with a suitable makeup remover before going to the bed.
- Moisturize your skin before applying makeup
- Always Clean your makeup tools.

Made in: Italy

Quantity: 30 ml

Store at room temperature
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