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Nexcare Ultra Stretch Maxi Flexible Comfort 50*101 mm 10'S

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Nexcare Ultra Stretch Maxi are flexible bandages that cover and protect wounds



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Nexcare Ultra Stretch Maxi Flexible Comfort 50*101 mm 10 pieces
Nexcare bandages are soft, 4 - way stretch, natural-feel pads that move with you which are ideal for everyday activities.
The breathable materials of Nexcare bandages allow sweat and moisture to evaporate.
Hypoallergenic, water-resistant, comfortable bandages.
Also, provide the optimal healing environment that promotes healing and helps prevent infection.

Product Color: Beige.
Product size: 50*101 mm.
Suitable body parts: elbows, knees, and other hard-to-cover parts.
Suitable use in wounds such as cuts, minor burns, abrasions, and scrapes.

• Nexcare Ultra Stretch Maxi protects minor burns, scrapes, cuts, and abrasions.
• Water-resistant bandages.
• Do not stick to wounds.
• Easy to apply.

Points of interest:
• In case of any skin reactions, immediately stop using the Nexcare and consult your physician.
• keep out of the reach of the children.
• Not made from natural rubber latex.

Made in:

10 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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