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Nexium 10 mg Sachets 28'S

2.860 KD

Contains esomeprazole that reduces the production of gastric acid, used in the treatment of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Nexium 10 mg 28 sachets

A proton pump inhibitor that acts by reducing gastric acid.
It is specifically inhibiting the acid pumps in the parietal cells within the stomach.

Nexium 10 mg uses:

• Acid-related dyspepsia.
• GERD/ Reflux esophagitis.
• Gastric and duodenal ulcers.
• Gastric acid reduction during general anesthesia.

Active Ingredient:


Nexium 10mg Side effects:

Generally well tolerated.

• Patients at risk of osteoporosis should maintain an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D.
• Should be prescribed only for appropriate indication at the lowest effective dose.
• It may reduce the absorption of vitamin B12.

Nexium 10mg Interactions:
• Coumarins: anticoagulant effect of coumarins is possibly enhanced by esomeprazole.
• Posaconazole: plasma concentration of posaconazole is possibly reduced by esomeprazole.
• Atazanavir: esomeprazole reduce plasma concentration of atazanavir.
• Clopidogrel: anti-platelet effect of clopidogrel is reduced by esomeprazole.

How To Use nexium granules :

1 sachet in a cup of water in the morning.

28 Sachets

How To Store:

Stores at room temperature.

Made in:

United Kingdom
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