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Nippes Glass Nail File 14 cm

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Glass nail file to file and trim nails for a more attractive and even shape



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Nippes Glass Nail File 14 cm 

Nippes Glass Nail File helps to take care of the appearance of your nails so that they look more attractive and harmonious.
It is light and super soft on nails, unlike other types as it does not leave any small scales and is easy to use.
It helps you gently file your nails into the shape you desire and prevents dirt from accumulating under the nails to keep them clean and healthy.

• It helps to file the nails in an easy way to get a more consistent shape and perfect length.
• Nippes Glass Nail File has an ultra-smooth surface that prevents nails from chipping or peeling.
• Makes your nails look more attractive.

How to use:
• Use Nippes file in one direction, provided that it is from the right to the middle, and then file the other side from the left to the middle.

Point of interest:
• One of the mistakes you may make is filing wet nails, so make sure that they are dry.
• Be sure to clean and disinfect Nail File before and after each use to avoid cross-infection.
• For personal use.

Made in:

one piece

Store at room temperature
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