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Nippes Small Manicure Trendy Set

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A complete set for shaping, defining and cutting nails to look more harmonious and attractive



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Nippes Small Manicure Trendy Set 

Nippes Small Manicure Trendy Set is complete care for elegant nails.
Nippes set consists of nail scissors that help cut and trim nails to look more symmetrical.
It helps you to get nails of equal length.
It has an ergonomic and easy-to-use handle that ensures easy and precise cutting.
The Nippes manicure and pedicure set also consists of a nail file to define and trim the shape of nails to make them look more attractive.
It has a pointed tip that gently cleans under the nail and has a side to polish the nail surface nicely.
The tweezers with an angled edge from the Nippes set help to remove all types of fine and dense hairs in small areas of the face with high precision.

• The Nippes manicure and pedicure kit help to file nails in an easy way to achieve a more consistent shape and perfect length.
• Gives shine to the nail surface.
• Makes your nails look more attractive.
• Nail scissors from Nippes help to cut and trim nails with minimal effort.
• Gives you nails of equal length.
• Eyebrow tweezers help get rid of unwanted hair.

Point of interest:
• Make sure to sterilize and disinfect the tools of the Nippes manicure and pedicure set before and after use.
• Avoid cutting nails too much.
• When removing hair using tweezers, be sure to remove hair from its roots and not only from the ends.
• Avoid filing wet nails as they are brittle and more likely to break.

Made in:

3 pcs

Store at room temperature
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