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Novaclear atopis anti itching spray 100ml

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Novaclear Atopis Anti-Iching Spray for dry, atopic, sensitive and itching skin that help calm your skin and soothe irritations for all ages.



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Novaclear Atopis anti itching spray 100 ml

Novaclear Atopis Anti-Iching Spray with soothing and moisturizing properties developed for dry, atopic, sensitive and itching skin. Carefully selected active ingredients for instant relief from the itching, calm your skin and soothe irritations. Also recommended for mosquito bites and sunburns.

Novaclear Atopis Anti-Itching Spray contains potent and effective ingredients like:

Licorice Root Extract
• rebuilds the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.
• reduces redness. Chamomile Extract.
• soothes irritations.
• antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

• intensively moisturizes.
• promotes skin regeneration.

Organic Hemp Oil
• relieves itching.
• prevents skin dryness and recurrent dehydration.

Points of interest:
• Used for dry, atopic, sensitive itching skin.
• Used when needed.
• Can be used for all ages from the frist day of life.

• Calms the skin and soothe irritations.
• Relief from dryness.
• Relief itching.
• For mosquito bites.
• After sunburns.
• Promotes skin regeneration.

How to use:
• Under 1 year old: Spray on your hands, next smear on the newborn baby skin.
• Over 1 year old: Spray on the skin from a distance of 15 cm. Wait until completely absorbed. Always use when needed.

Active Ingredients:
Licorice Root Extract , Chamomile Extract , Panthenol , Organic Hemp Oil.

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