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Novadiet Colamag Para Gel 100ml For osteoarthritis

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Massage gel with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect



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Novadiet Colamag Para Gel - 150 ml

Colamag Gel by Novadiet is a massage gel. It provides emollient, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

Colamag Gel is composed of:

Collagen: Stimulates the formation of the different components of articular cartilage.
MSM: With an Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
Arnica: Has an Anti-inflammatory activity.
Devil’s Claw: Has an Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on damaged joints.
Aloe Vera: With an Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
Cajeput: With an Analgesic, antiseptic, emollient and rubefacient properties.
Lavender: Has a Relaxing activity.

Active ingredients:
Collagen, Aloe vera, Devil's claw, Arnica, Lavender

• Promotes the recovery of cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons.
• It offers a pleasant and completely absorbing texture.

How to use:
Apply the cream twice or three times a day on the skin, with a gentle massage until the product is totally absorbed.

Points of interest:
•For external use only.
•Do not take this product if you have a sensitivity or allergy specific to any of its ingredients.- •Do not apply on wounds.
•Avoid contact with eyes and mucus.

Made in:

150 ml

Store at room temperature
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