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Novadiet Crecidiet Appetit Multivitamin Elixir 250ml

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A multivitamin syrup ensures proper growth and development



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Novadiet Crecidiet Appetit Multivitamin Elixir - 250 ml

Although the ideal is that children learn to eat well from the beginning and follow a varied and balanced diet, this is not always possible.
Supplementing their diet with Crecidiet Appetit, you supplement their usual diet to ensure proper growth and development
Crecidiet Appetit will give your children an appetite and end dinnertime conflicts.

Crecidiet Appetit Contains:
Fruit juices: rich in mineral salts, oligoelements and vitamins
Wheat germ: which contributes energy and vitamin E, a major antioxidant.
Malt: providing enzymes involved in the digestive process.
Royal jelly: a natural food rich in very nutritious components. Good stimulant of appetite and growth. Good revitalizer and restorative.
Propolis: stimulant of the immune system, bactericidal and antiviral properties.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin C , Vitamin B complex , Vitamin D , Calcium , Zinc and iron

• Increase children's appetite.
• Supports children’s growth.

How to use:
Take 2 spoonful a day. Recommended daily consumption: 2 spoonfuls (20 ml).

Points of interest:
• Do not take this food supplement if you have an allergy or intolerance to one of its ingredients.

Made in:

250 ml

Store at room temperature
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